Heading South - Our Triennial Migration!

Every three years Noelene and I miss our South African family so much, or something like that, that we have to get on an aeroplane and head south for a few weeks. In 2012 we took our friends Gary and Charo Titley, a.k.a. "The Titters" with us; their first trip to that wonderful and complex country. We took almost a year planning the four week stay, hired a car and drove over 6,000km in 28 days from Johannesburg (Jo'burg to the uninitiated) visiting Rorke's Drift, The Drakensberg Mountains, the Eastern and Western Capes, including Cape Town, drove back up the country to Jo'burg and spent four nights in a game reserve on the border of the Kruger National Park.

Each day I jotted in my notebook the main, and some of the trivial, things that we did, the sights we saw and some of my thoughts. Altogether I had two A5 pads of writing which Charo has turned into this day by day diary, for which I thank her very much. I also took several thousand photos which I've whittled down to just over 600 and they can be seen online here The diary is available for download as a PDF file here.

day by day