Day 5

Tuesday 9th September – Day 5, Lindisfarne to Bolton

So, all that was to be done today was to drive back to Bolton and get ready to go to Swansea with daughter Dawn and her husband Jon for a garden sculpture welding course the following day – I kid you not!

But first we mingled with the day’s newly arrived visitors and went again to the Abbey gift shop.  As we came out, the Canadian couple, Terri and Alan were just finishing so we were able to share their pleasure, swap email addresses and take the obligatory photo.

They were a lovely couple and, although I may never meet them again, I will certainly remember them.  Just afterwards we met the couple from Sheffield who were also just completing the walk.  They had walked across the causeway rather than the sands but were very buoyed up, nonetheless.

It was a wonderful end to a very special walk, and we drove back to Bolton with many fond memories.

More adventures beckon!