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The Pennine WayWalking the Pennine Way, July 2000
The Offa's Dyke Path"Up the Dyke" - the Offa's Dyke Path, July 2002
The Coast to Coast Walk"Why Would He Do That?" - the Coast to Coast Walk, July 2008
The Timeless Way"The Timeless Way" - the Outer Hebrides from the Butt of Lewis to Vatersay, June/July 2011
The West Highland Way"Go North Young Man" - the West Highland Way and Ben Nevis, July 2013
The St. Cuthbert's Way"Making a Habit of it" - the St. Cuthbert's Way, September 2019
Gordon HallworthThe sad story of Gordon Hallworth who died January 8th 1939 on Stonethwaite Fell, Cumbria

Other Bits and Bobs:

John's Jolly Jungle JauntLost in the Malaysian jungle, March 2005
South Africa 2007"An African Adventure" - October, November 2007
South Africa 2012"Carry On Up The Limpopo" - the fabulous four's African Odyssey, October 2012
Namibia 2023Lots of photos from our exploration of Namibia, February 2023
David Widgery 1947 - 1992Michael Rosen's obituary of David Widgery, fellow Maidenhead Grammar School student, doctor and socialist
Dawn & Jon's Wedding1st wedding of the 21st century (that we'd been to!)